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On this page we would like to show you a few samples of our school packages but it works for the working people as well 😏.  We can just bring some ideas or we will plan the whole trip by ourselves but the most important part is always you - your needs, your interests and your expectations. 

STUDENT TOURS - for an idea

Please check the samples of well-arranged tour overviews. They show, where you will go each day and what you are going to see and visit. All entries and meals are included but not seen at these short summaries.

You can the most famous monuments and sightseeings in Barcelona and Lisbon.

Take a time to explore the capital city of Ireland - various Dublin.

This tour begins with a sighseeing in Krakow and nearby Wadowice. In the Czech republic is waiting Prague and Český Krumlov.

 You spend a few days in historical Edinburgh and others in Glasgow. Not far from there is Loch Lomond offering a breathtaking view.

STUDENT TOURS - full itinerary

Just to have a better idea, please have a look on these itineraries. There you will find detailed overviews of each day minute by minute.

You can enjoy 5 days in Amsterdam and have enough time to find all beauties and hidden corners.

This tour can show the most famous tower of Paris as well as the most interesting sightseeings of Berlin.