Our story
Once upon a time (1992 exactly 😏) there was a student called Petr with head full of dreams...


In the winter of 1992 a university student Petr Čech had an idea of renting college dormitories that were empty during the summer holidays. That idea looked interesting, so in May he founded a trade license, agreed with the university and from July at the age of 22 he started business. Petros travel agency was established. From now on, we are operating as a team. 👍 

The beginnings were not as optimistic as planned, but gradually the business started better and better. The huge thanks go to Petr´s  sister FOTO and his school friends FOTO  who helped us as volunteers.

Little by little we made it up to 4 hostels and about 700 beds daily. We rented student rooms not only from ČVUT (Czech Technical University in Prague) but also from VŠE (University of Economics in Prague). 

Everything was done by several tens of temporary workers, who were also university students. They were offered a free accommodation in Prague during their work, so these jobs were very interesting for the young people.


We started to offer accommodation in other seasons as well and we took the advantage of other cheaper capacities and hostels all over the Prague. At the same time individual clients, groups and travel agencies turned to Petros while looking for a cheap accommodation in Prague.

Since we started from scratch and had no contacts in tourism, most travel agencies were from the Eastern countries. Why? Their clients didn't have much money and were looking for some cheaper accommodation and also they were new start-ups like us. 

Our first business trip was to Lithuania in the fall of 1994. We passed it with old car Skoda Favorit.  This interesting and very positive journey assured us that our idea is correct. As time went by we travelled almost all of Eastern and Central Europe.


The next stage was the boom of the Internet. We asked our friends running a start-up IT company to register some interesting domains - among them was www.hostel.cz.
We started to offer our hostels in Prague on www.hostel.cz  and the number of booking was skyrocketing.


This year was also very important to us. People from the Easter and Central Europe couldn´t get enough of travelling and because of so many requests, we started to offer most of Prague hostels and later even the whole Czech Republic. 


Our business has outgrown the borders of the Czech Republic. Everything worked great - we created our own online booking system and we had 1-2 local operators in each offered country. Thanks to our unbeatable prices, knowledge and courage we managed to get our web sites to the top spots on Google. 

We offered our services in 14 from 21 Central and Eastern European countries. 


When we succeeded in selling the cheap accommodation, we also began offering other travel services and again it worked very well. We also established a joint-stock company and transferred all activities to it. Its name was 1BigEurope - like our dream of one big Europe and travelling without borders. More about this egency on www.1bigeurope.com.


At this point we had to make very difficulte decision - if is still effective to solve every individual reservation by our own or join forces with a reliable partner. After weighing pros and cons, we have started cooperation with confidently known partners.


At present we do not operate any hostel anymore. An online reservation system is the best solution for the individuals - it is easy, clear and fast. However the groups appraise the personal touch because they usually require also other travel services like tours, daily programmes, transfers, adjusted payments and many other special needs. Thanks to our student history and our strong positition on the Czech travel market, we are able to fulfill all your travel dreams.